Killarney is a wonderful day out and well worth a visit from Tralee. Here is just a selection of the most popular things to do and see there.

Head to the magnificent Killarney National Park! Walk, cycle, run or take a Jaunting Car (Pony and Trap) through this vast, majestic park and spot a deer from the last remaining indigenous herd of Wild Red Deer in Ireland that roam here freely!

Only a short distance from Killarney town, take a Pony and Trap along the winding, scenic mountain pass of the Gap of Dunloe which allows you to truly immerse in the spectacular beauty of the area. Don’t forget to make a wish standing on the ‘Wishing Bridge’, a picturesque old bridge that folklore says will make your wishes come true! From here you descend into the remote Black Valley and onto Lord Brandons Cottage, an old Victorian hunting lodge and now a lovely Cafe.

A short stroll from Lord Brandons, you can return to Killarney on one of the world’s oldest tourist boat trips, the 250 year old journey from Lord Brandon’s Cottage to Ross Castle on the lakes of Killarney. This is bar far one of the most memorable tours in Killarney and tour operators can arrange the entire trip, it will not disappoint!

Visit the exquisite 19th Century Victorian Mansion, Muckross House and Gardens that are set amidst the breathtaking beauty of Killarney National Park. The Muckross
 Traditional Farms nearby also allow you to step back into time and explore three working farms and discover the rural way of life in Ireland of the 1930’s and 1940’s. Only a short walk from Muckross House you can explore the tranquil ruins of Muckross Abbey, the 15th Century Friary located off the picturesque shores of Lough Leane and within Killarney National Park. Home to the only Franciscan Tower in Ireland, a striking and magnificent ancient yew tree rises from the centre of the vaulted cloisters of Muckross Abbey said to be over  years old. The Abbey itself is well preserved so that visitors can also view some of the upper floors which served as the monks living quarters.

Explore the 15th Century Tower House, Ross Castle, which overlooks the picturesque Lough Leane. Many boat trips and water cruises embark from here including the short boat trip to Innisfalllen Island. One of Killarneys best walks is popular among local and visitors, a loop walk takes you on the trail of the some of the worlds oldest Copper Mines and open mine shafts which date back to 2400 BC, thats nearly 4,500 years old. The trail include the fabulous scenic viewing points of Governors Rock and Library Point on Ross Island, with stunning views of the Killarney Lakes, Mangerton and Torc Mountains to the south and Purple, Tomies and Shehy Mountains to the west. You can also walk from Ross Castle to the town centre via the picturesque Knockrear area of the National Park.

Take the short walk from the car park to Torc Waterfall and bask in the beauty of one of Killarneys gems. Situated just 5 miles outside Killarney, the Waterfall is at it’s best after heavy rainfall. From here you can also walk the wooded steps up the mountain slopes. One of the best and most scenic ways to see Torc Waterfall is to park in the Dinis Cottage Car Park, off the N71 Ring of Kerry Road, only a short distance away. From here you cross the road and take on the now famous ‘Cardiac Steps’ trail, the name is self explanatory.